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Privacy policy
There are many ways to use our apps and services to create, share and use data. By using our apps and services you share information with us, such as texting Cal or reading songs on LyricKey. We only get information given consciously by the user (traffic information in this case). We don’t save consumer habits nor use automized systems to improve our apps. You can become a BetaTester for free and contribute in the making of the Appademy apps. 
This privacy policy describes:   

   · The data collected through our services and apps
   · How we save the data
   · How we analyse and use the data

We’ve tried to make this information as brief and simple as possible. In Appademy we think privacy is important for our users. We’d recommend you to fully read this document.

How we collect the data
Appademy does not collect any data without users’ awareness. The way our services and apps collect the data and the subsequent analysis is explained in this section.
Appademy Webs
Appademy does not use cookies in any of our webs. Our webs are monitored using Google Analytics, which gives us information such as the device visiting the page or the time the page has been open. This data is anonymous and we don’t get any private information such as the IP adress of the visits. Any Analytics user will get the same data we get from their web visits.

Appademy Apps
Any of the Appademy Apps collect private data, such as device location, microphone data nor camera images. From the outside, Google Play allows us to see download stats. With these services we get information such as number of downloads, device’s software, etc. 

Appademy does not receive private information such as email adresses, private passwords nor user’s contacts unless the user supplies them expressly. Sometimes error logs are uploaded to our servers, as well as information about the crash. 

Appademy videos
We use the Google network ‘YouTube’ to spread our videos. We receive the same stats any YouTube user would get, such as views count, likes and the location of the likes. 

Appademy Mailing (newsletters)
When a user sends us an email, this mail will be read and answered by a real person from the Appademy Staff. If you send personal information which we consider inappropriate, this mail would be deleted and we would answer the sender. 

Regarding to the Appademy Newsletters which we send regularly to our subscribed users, the mail (designed and deployed using MailChimp) gives us data such as the mail’s efficiency or the number of people who opened the email. The addresses have been collected through our forms and supplied by users, who have been subscribed directly. All addressees can unsubscribe and stop receiving our mails by clicking on a link in the bottom of each mail. 

How we keep the data
Appademy collects data from all our services and saves it in two different places: 
· Appademy Cloud servers.
· Third-party servers (Videos, forms and other Google services).

Our servers save the data and the information is not deleted until they’re analysed (this can last from 2 days to 6 months). This information (such as questions for Cal or views on LyricKey) is analysed by our team and it isn’t sold nor shared. A part of our services is encrypted.

Analysis and use of the data
As said in the previous section, the data saved in our servers is filed and later analysed by the Appademy Staff. This data is exclusively used to improve our apps and services. No information is sold nor is shared.

Once analysed, this data is organized and applied to updates.
The BetaTester Apps can save more information, such as crash reports or habits (hours of use). In addition to this, all BetaTesters must fill in usage forms as well as suggest ideas. 

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