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Service conditions
Welcome to Appademy! We hope you enjoy our apps and services. We’ve written here as briefly as we could Appademy’s service conditions, headquartered in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Using our services involves accepting our service conditions and privacy policies. We recommend you to read this document thoroughly.

Using our apps and services
We request you to use all the Appademy apps properly. We could apply suspensions if we detect disobeys of our conditions, explained in this page.  

The usage of our sevices and apps does not make you the owner or holder of the intellectual properties thereof. Appademy’s designs and programs have been developed and created by Appademy and they must not be used in anywhere else. Although their usage is free, these conditions do not give you the right to use brands or logos used in our Services. 
Our apps and services contain third-party contents, such as LyricKey lyrics or the Google search on Cal. This content is declared and, for example on LyricKey, the user sees the copyright each time he opens a song. We can review the content to define if it’s ilegal or breaks our policies, and delete it if we have enough reasons to consider it infringes our policies or the law.    

Appademy’s privacy policies explain the data treatment as well as the privacy protection valid in our services and apps. By using our services, you allow Appademy to use that data according to their privacy policies. 

Our services and their software
By downloading our apps, Appademy gives you a worldwide personal license, free of royalties, intransmissible and not exclusive to use the software included in our Services. The one and only purpose of this license is to let you use the Appademy services and apps and get a benefit from them, as explained in these conditions.

You won’t be able to copy, modify, distribute, sell nor borrow any of our services and apps, nor our services and apps. You won’t be able to apply inverse engineering techniques or try to extract the source code of thereof software, except if the law bans these restrictions or if you have Appademy’s consent in writing. 

Appademy warranties
Appademy does not pledge to warranty the complete functionality of their services in any platform. Appademy does not pledge either of any accident or damage caused by our apps or services. http://appademy.com/Privacidad.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
   PRIVACY                 CONDITIONShttp://support.appademy.com/Privacy.html